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At Pathways Glass Studio, we only use high quality borosilicate glass. So, WHAT IS BOROSILCATE GLASS?

What most people don’t realize is that not all glass is created equally. Borosilicate glass (also called "hard glass") is a special kind of glass which incorporates a higher percentage of silica and boron trioxide than your average everyday glass.

The boron makes it so that the glass doesn’t expand as fast when exposed to drastic changes in temperature. This enables the glass to not shatter under extreme temperatures like regular glass does. A higher proportion of silicone dioxide further increases its ability to resist fracturing. Furthermore, borosilicate glass is highly sought-after and often used in scientific labs for its superior purity, clarity, strength, durability and heat resistance.

While it can still break when dropped, borosilicate glass is far superior in durability compared to soda-lime glass. Even if it does break, it’s shatterproof, so it will break into a few large pieces rather than shatter into a million smaller and more hazardous pieces.

Boron and silica are completely safe and nontoxic ingredients. The boron content makes glass less soluble and therefore it prevents other materials from leaching into the glass.

All finished pieces are digitally annealed in an electric kiln to ensure extra strength and durability. We are confident our glass art pieces are durable, however we highly recommend that you handle your glass art piece with great care and do not mishandle.


Can you repair glass items?

At this time, we are unable to fulfill repair requests due to restrictions on our end. If in the future we have the capacity to take repairs, we are able to work with borosilicate glass only as our equipment produces extreme heat that "softer" glass would not be able to handle.


What else should I know?

We have represented the glass and colors to the best of our ability. There may be variation in colors between the actual item and what you see on the monitor due to differences in monitor settings and calibration. This is normal and not considered a defect. Please note that pictures have been taken under bright LED lighting or natural sunlight.




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